Trimley to get its first ever pedestrian crossing

PUBLISHED: 15:05 16 October 2018 | UPDATED: 15:05 16 October 2018

Trimley St Mary is to get a puffin crossing Picture: PAUL HEWITT

Trimley St Mary is to get a puffin crossing Picture: PAUL HEWITT

After years of debate and pressure from community leaders and safety campaigners, Trimley St Mary is at long last to get a pedestrian crossing with traffic lights.

The crossing will be placed outside the village primary school on High Road Picture: SONYA BROWNThe crossing will be placed outside the village primary school on High Road Picture: SONYA BROWN

Suffolk County Council and Trimley St Mary Parish Council have chosen a traditional “puffin” crossing fitted with modern vehicle detection equipment.

The crossing will be situated on High Road, outside the Trimley St Mary Primary School.

With an increasing population and the main road through the village becoming ever busier, the need for a safe crossing place has been growing.

Over the years the debate has been where to place a crossing, with highways experts saying there are many points along High Road where people cross for a variety of reasons. However, the school is by far the busiest point – and the most obvious.

The cost will be around £65,000, of which £45,000 will come from Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) funds administered by Suffolk Coastal District Council.

CIL money comes from developers who pay a certain amount levied against the floorspace of each property they build. This money is then used to pay for infrastructure in communities across the district – ranging from necessities such as education and highways projects, to desirable additions to communities such as community centres and other people projects.

With so many new homes being built, this fund will run into many millions of pounds over the years ahead.

In the first three years it has accumulated £2.9m, much of which has already been distributed to towns and villages for various schemes.

Tony Fryatt, cabinet member responsible for planning, said the fact that both Trimley St Mary Parish Council and Suffolk County Council had submitted CIL bids for the crossing project “indicated a strong need for a pedestrian crossing in Trimley St Mary”.

He said: “Added to this, in their CIL Project Proposal form, the parish council indicated that a survey carried out in 2017 demonstrated that the issue of a pedestrian crossing was of most concern for parishioners.

“The county council have also provided photographic evidence of the precise location of the proposed pedestrian crossing.”

Council records show that 72 dwellings have been completed in Trimley St Mary in the last four years. The latest Housing Land Supply Assessment for Suffolk Coastal estimates up to 97 dwellings will be completed within the next four years, 38 of which are estimated to be completed within the next year.

Mr Fryatt said: “This represents an increase in the rate of housing completion over the next four years compared to the previous four years. Further to this, a large proportion of the estimated housing completions are expected to occur over the next two years.”

Suffolk Coastal said the project had not been specifically identified in its SCDC Infrastructure Delivery Plan 2014; however, the project had been identified in the Felixstowe Peninsula Area Action Plan, which said “the long-term development and growth of the peninsula will be limited without enhancements to (amongst other things) pedestrian facilities”.

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