Find the Enjoy Felixstowe More painted stones – and win up to £250.

PUBLISHED: 15:22 31 August 2018

Each stone will be worth £50 to the finder Picture: ARCHANT

Each stone will be worth £50 to the finder Picture: ARCHANT


The Enjoy Felixstowe More! team has hidden five special hand-painted stones around the resort’s seafront – and each one is worth a £50 cash prize to the person who finds it.

We will be posting clues to help people find the stones – and the first clue to find the first of the five stones will appear here, on the Enjoy Felixstowe More! website, tomorrow (Saturday, September 1).

Last year thousands of families took part in a similar fun challenge when painted stones were placed around the beach area, with youngsters seeing how many they could collect and then hiding them again for others to find.

The activity has been carried on again this summer – and has gone nationwide with many communities running similar projects.

The Enjoy Felixstowe More! branded hand-painted stones will continue this fun, providing families with an end-of-school holiday activity and the winners with some cash for a family treat or whetever they choose to spend it on.

Stefan Bartlett, Communities Editor at Archant, said: “The new Enjoy Felixstowe More! website aims celebrate this wonderful seaside town, working with the community to shine a light on the best aspects of Felixstowe, including its hidden treasures and wonderful places to visit and eat and the characters who make the town tick.

“This new venture is very much about working with the community. And it is very encouraging that so many of you have already shown your support by joining the Enjoy Felixstowe More! Facebook group, making contributions with pictures and posts – everything from nostalgic photos of the town to the latest information about what’s on in Felixstowe.

“If you’re not a member yet why not check it out and join the conversation. It’s a lot of fun.

“You can also contribute to the new website and help make it a beacon for all that is best in Felixstowe.

“If you’re planning to take part in the hunt for the painted stones then good luck! Make sure you let us know how you get on.”

Anyone finding one of the stones should call 01473 324773, and leave their details, including phone number, to claim their prize.

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